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BCA Foresta Tower: Green Indonesian Triumph

Front side of Wisma BCA Foresta, located at BSD, Tangerang Selatan, Banten.
Front side of Wisma BCA Foresta, located at BSD, Tangerang Selatan, Banten.

In a global push for carbon neutrality by 2050 under the Paris Agreement of 2015, countries around the world are stepping up their efforts to cut carbon emissions. Meanwhile, Indonesia has set its sights on achieving carbon neutrality by 2060.

A shining beacon of sustainable development in this effort is the BCA Foresta Tower in BSD, Indonesia. Operative since October 2020, the Wisma BCA Foresta serves as the headquarters of BCA and spans an impressive 45,250 square meters of Gross Leasable Area (GLA).

This architectural gem boasts cutting-edge features including reverse osmosis drinking water systems, recycled water utilization, and rainwater harvesting. The building's sustainability is further augmented by an array of solar panels that significantly reduce its reliance on fossil fuel-derived electricity, earning it the well-deserved distinction of being an all-encompassing green building. All these advanced technologies are managed by the Energy Management Team from BCA's Logistics and Building Division, culminating in an energy-efficient marvel.

But Wisma BCA Foresta isn't just a private domain. It extends its green initiative to the public sphere. One of its standout offerings is the Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station (PEVCS), catering to individuals seeking to recharge their electric vehicles.

Available 24/7, the PEVCS at Wisma BCA Foresta houses two charging options: a 7 kW capacity charger that rejuvenates a vehicle in 6 hours and a 22 kW charger that accomplishes the task in just 2 hours. Unsurprisingly, since its inauguration two years ago, the building has garnered accolades and praise from various quarters.

Back in 2021, Wisma BCA Foresta proudly secured the Greenship Building Level Platinum certificate from the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI) in the existing building category. Subsequently, the edifice clinched the top spot in the Energy Efficient Building category at the 2022 Subroto Energy Efficiency Awards (PSBE) for New Buildings. This accolade paved the way for Wisma BCA Foresta to represent Indonesia in the esteemed ASEAN Energy Awards 2023.

In a crowning moment, Wisma BCA Foresta clinched the Winner title at the ASEAN Energy Awards 2023 in the Energy Efficient Building category, subcategory New and Existing Building.

In a triumphant moment, Wisma BCA Foresta secured the Winner title at the ASEAN Energy Awards 2023 in the Energy Efficient Building category. The award, presented at the ASEAN Energy Business Forum 2023, underscores the tower's international-standard sustainability and energy efficiency.

Despite being less than three years old, Wisma BCA Foresta has gained widespread recognition for its energy efficiency and environmentally-conscious design. Frengky Chandra Kusuma, Director of BCA, expressed pride in the tower's accomplishments, highlighting its role as a beacon of sustainable progress.

Wisma BCA Foresta stands as a testament to Indonesia's commitment to a greener future, proving that even a young building can play a pivotal role in the journey towards carbon neutrality.

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