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BCA: Newsweek's Most Trusted Bank 2023

BCA securing the top spot globally in the banking industry category as the "World’s Most Trustworthy Company" 2023 bestowed by Newsweek, surpassing 66 other banks worldwide.
BCA securing the top spot globally in the banking industry category as the "World’s Most Trustworthy Company" 2023 bestowed by Newsweek, surpassing 66 other banks worldwide.

In the competitive landscape of the banking industry, where trust is paramount, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) has emerged victorious by earning the distinguished title of the "World’s Most Trustworthy Company." This recognition, bestowed by Newsweek magazine, signifies not only a remarkable achievement for BCA but also underscores the profound importance of trust in the long-term success of a brand.

Trust is a delicate commodity that is cultivated over time through consistent positive experiences and transparent communication. BCA's journey towards becoming the world's most trustworthy company is a testament to its unwavering commitment to these principles.

Newsweek, in collaboration with global data research company Statista, meticulously curated the list of the "World’s Most Trustworthy Company." A survey involving 70,000 participants and the collection of 269,000 company evaluation reports from customers, investors, and employees were instrumental in determining this prestigious ranking.

Jahja Setiaatmadja, the President Director of BCA, expressed profound gratitude to the loyal customer base that played a pivotal role in securing this accolade. He acknowledged that customer trust is not just a focus for BCA but also a source of strength driving continuous improvement in service quality. Setiaatmadja emphasized that such accolades serve as motivation for BCA to persist in innovation and consistently provide added value to customers.

At the heart of BCA's success is its commitment to being "Always by Your Side." This slogan encapsulates BCA's approach to customer service, considering each customer as the focal point of the services offered. The bank's digital innovations are a testament to this commitment, as they are designed to address both current and future customer needs.

Integrity, a core value of BCA, is the bedrock upon which trust is built. Emphasizing honesty and openness, BCA has created an environment where customers feel secure in their interactions. This commitment to ethical business practices resonates not only with customers but also with stakeholders, contributing to the bank's standing as the most trustworthy company.

The trust in BCA is further reflected in its consistently growing customer base. As of September 2023, the number of customer accounts has experienced an impressive growth of 17.1% YoY, reaching a staggering 38.8 million. This expansion is not merely numerical; it is accompanied by a substantial increase in banking transaction activities. The total transaction volume of BCA has surged by 26.8% YoY, reaching a remarkable 22 billion transactions in the first nine months of 2023. Notably, the mobile banking channel has witnessed the highest transaction volume growth, soaring by 43.4% YoY.

Acknowledging the support from the government, regulators, investors, stakeholders, and the tireless efforts of BCA personnel nationwide, Jahja Setiaatmadja concluded with a firm commitment. BCA remains dedicated to innovation, positioning itself as the forefront bank always standing by its customers and contributing significantly to the growth of the national economy.

In a world where trust is the currency of lasting success, BCA's journey stands as a beacon, illustrating that a brand's commitment to consistency, transparency, and customer-centric values can propel it to the pinnacle of trustworthiness on a global scale.

As Communication Consultant of BCA, we takes immense pride in the bank's recent recognition as the "World’s Most Trustworthy Company" by Newsweek. This achievement is a testament to the collaborative efforts in crafting a communication strategy that aligns with BCA's commitment to transparency and positive customer experiences. We will continue our support to BCA on its journey of innovation and excellence, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of trustworthiness in the global banking landscape.

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