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Electrum Launches H5: Innovative Indonesia EV Mobility

The newly launched H5, Innovative Indonesian EV Mobility from Electrum
The newly launched H5, Innovative Indonesian EV Mobility from Electrum

Last week, we had the privilege of supporting Electrum, a leading Indonesian technology company dedicated to building electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem infrastructure, announced the launch of its latest innovation, the H5 electric motorcycle. The comprehensive EV ecosystem includes cutting-edge battery technology, Battery Swap Stations (BSS), and digital infrastructure. Crafted by local designers and engineers from Electrum's in-house team, the H5 sets a new standard for convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly travel.

Initially, the H5 will be integrated into Gojek's GoRide Electric service as an extension of the GoTo Group's electric motorcycle pilot project. This move aligns with the Indonesian Government's ambitious mission of achieving net-zero emissions by 2060.

In collaboration with PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk and PT TBS Energi Utama Tbk, Electrum plans to expand the Battery Swap Station network to over 40 strategic locations across Jakarta, including convenience stores, workshops, bank branches, and gas stations. The company also announced a partnership with Pertamina to expand battery exchange locations, aiming to have them available at every Pertamina gas station.

Jack Yang, Electrum CEO, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Today we achieved the first milestone of Electrum's product through H5, which is fully tailored to suit Indonesian roads. The launch of this motorcycle, along with the expansion of BSS, reinforces our commitment to building a comprehensive electric motorcycle ecosystem."

Designed with key advantages in mind, including high performance, low maintenance costs, and ergonomic comfort, the H5 addresses the daily mobility needs of Indonesians. Notable designers and engineers behind the H5 include Muhammad Rayhan Arifinsyah and Yuditya Pratamaputra, both of whom have been with Electrum since 2022.

Pandu Patria Sjahrir, Electrum Chairman, emphasized the company's holistic approach to EV infrastructure. "Today's launch of H5 is an important milestone in driving our entire ecosystem. Together with our partners, stakeholders, and users, Electrum continues to deliver innovations that are environmentally responsible, economically viable, and socially beneficial."

To support the expansion of their rider base, Electrum aims to establish 150 Battery Swap Station locations by the end of the year. By the end of October 2023, Electrum had already covered an impressive 14 million kilometers.

In a joint effort with Gojek, Electrum plans to gradually introduce 500 H5 motorcycles to the GoRide Electric service. The pilot expansion includes a daily rental scheme for driver-partners, allowing them to rent the motor with one or two batteries based on their needs.

Nafi Achmad Sentausa, TBS SVP Corporate Strategy & Investor Relations, highlighted the strategic importance of the Electrum H5 in achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. "This achievement is not only a significant milestone for TBS in driving responsible energy transition but also a tangible proof of our commitment to implementing innovative solutions to reduce our carbon footprint while adding value to society and the environment."

Tanah Sullivan, GoTo Group Head of Sustainability, expressed confidence in the H5 as a convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly mobility option, stating, "We are excited to introduce the H5 motorcycle as the newest addition to our GoRide Electric service. This service expansion allows us to reach a wider customer base."

Active Gojek partners in the Jakarta area can register for the rental program in the initial phase, with Electrum verifying potential renters through GoPartner, Gojek's driver-partner application, and official identification. The company's Customer Service team will then arrange a test drive for qualified partners.

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