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INDICO: Empowering Indonesia's Digital Talent with Upskilling

Kuncie, an INDICO portfolio, provides upskilling and reskilling classes in collaboration with SBM ITB.
Kuncie, an INDICO portfolio, provides upskilling and reskilling classes in collaboration with SBM ITB.

In line with the increasingly dynamic macroeconomic conditions, the e-Conomy SEA 2023 report projects that Indonesia's digital economic growth in 2023 will only reach 8%, significantly lower than the previous year's 20%. The slowdown in the digital economy has triggered massive efficiencies in the digital industry, prompting companies to streamline operations in response. The impact of this phenomenon demands digital talent to become more competitive and develop superior competencies to adapt to the continuously changing industry dynamics. In this context, upskilling and reskilling for digital talent have become crucial to remain relevant in the current digital era. Both are considered strategic steps for digital talent to meet the evolving demands of the industry.

INDICO, a subsidiary of Telkomsel and one of Artemis Indonesia's retainer clients, focuses on developing the digital ecosystem in Indonesia. Artemis Indonesia, a prominent consulting firm, has been pleased to support INDICO in navigating the challenges of the industry. The challenging current industry conditions not only demand industry players to stay relevant but also require increasingly competitive digital talent. The digital industry is entering a challenging phase, demanding all players in the digital ecosystem to apply "out of the box" strategies to survive and remain relevant in the industry's dynamics. This situation also impacts digital talent, which is facing intense competition. This competition needs to be balanced with the readiness of digital talent, including enhancing their competencies. This is the focus of one of INDICO's subsidiaries, Kuncie, an edtech platform.

"We are optimistic that Kuncie's focus on enhancing the competencies of digital talent in Indonesia can have a significant impact on the development of the digital industry amid the current challenging climate," explained Andi Kristianto, CEO of INDICO, in a recent discussion on the potential of Indonesia's creative industry.

The urgency of improving competencies for digital talent has even become a global need. The World Economic Forum's research shows that half of the global workforce needs reskilling and upskilling by 2025 to remain relevant in a work environment continually changing due to technological advancements. The importance of reskilling and upskilling is also evident through progressive government initiatives, such as the Kartu Prakerja program.

So, how important are upskilling and reskilling for digital talent? Here are some reasons why they are crucial:

  • Adaptability and Mastery of Relevant Skills: The current industry challenges are increasingly complex, leading to rapid changes in strategies, market focus, or even business models. Through upskilling and reskilling, digital talent can master relevant skills, making it easier to adapt to these changes and ensure they remain valuable to companies.
  • Enhanced Competitiveness and Career Advancement: Upskilling and reskilling provide additional competencies for digital talent that others may not possess. This opens the door for digital talent to have better opportunities and enter leadership roles or higher specializations. Digital talent can also enhance their competitiveness in the workplace by acquiring these various competencies.
  • Increased Work Productivity and Bridging Skills Gaps in the Industry: Quality digital talent shortages are a common issue in many industries. Therefore, upskilling and reskilling have the potential to increase the productivity of digital talent while filling skill gaps. Talent familiar with the latest tools and technologies can work more efficiently, saving time and improving work output. Additionally, the combination of work productivity and acquired skills is expected to create various innovations and creativity from digital talent.

Kuncie, an INDICO portfolio company operating in the edtech sector, believes that upskilling and reskilling are now among the best solutions for digital talent to continue their careers in the technology industry. Hendra Saputra, CEO of Kuncie, said, "In this challenging era, upskilling and reskilling are not just choices but necessities for digital talent. This will help digital talent maintain their relevance in the dynamic job market and open opportunities for them to play an active role in innovation and leadership. Upskilling and reskilling also play a crucial role in creating jobs and expanding employment opportunities, contributing positively to economic growth. In the end, we see upskilling and reskilling as strategic steps to create a conducive industry with digital talent that can continue to grow, adapt, and survive through every change."

As an edtech platform, Kuncie offers upskilling and reskilling services to enhance the competencies of digital talent. Supported by experienced mentors and comprehensive curricula from leading universities, Kuncie offers various competency enhancement classes in the digital industry available to the general public as well as corporations and businesses, with short durations and affordable costs. Some of the classes offered include Data Analytics and AI for Business Acceleration by SBM ITB, Human Capital Management by UGM, Transformational Leadership by FISIP UI, and Innovative Leadership by NYU-Catalyst.

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