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Kuncie Thrives in Indonesia's Edutech Landscape

Kuncie's transaction value in 2023 surged by 3.5 times, accompanied by nearly a twofold increase in revenue.
Kuncie's transaction value in 2023 surged by 3.5 times, accompanied by nearly a twofold increase in revenue.

The post-pandemic era has posed challenges to the edutech industry, ranging from investment climate, innovation direction, to business development. However, Kuncie, a leading education solutions provider in Indonesia and a portfolio of INDICO, a subsidiary of Telkomsel, has successfully navigated these challenges, recording impressive performance throughout 2023. Notably, Kuncie's transaction value in 2023 surged by 3.5 times, accompanied by nearly a twofold increase in revenue. This achievement reflects the high level of trust the community places in Kuncie and the success of its business strategy in 2023. To sustain this positive momentum in 2024, Kuncie remains committed to continuous innovation, delivering relevant products to consumers amid the increasingly complex industry landscape.

Hendra Saputra, CEO of Kuncie, expressed, "Our success in growing amidst these challenging industry conditions demonstrates that Kuncie has provided educational services that meet the needs of the public, especially professionals. This achievement not only mirrors solid financial growth but also validates the value presented by Kuncie as a platform enhancing the competence and capacity of its users. It serves as a robust foundation for us to strengthen our presence in the edutech industry and continue delivering exclusive and high-quality learning experiences to diverse layers of society in Indonesia."

Kuncie's business growth in 2023 was fueled by positive performance in the corporate customer segment through Corporate Training Solutions, diverse purchases of learning video modules, and personalized self-paced learning classes. Individual-focused programs also contributed positively, such as the Kuncie Executive program, a collaboration with renowned educational institutions like SBM ITB (School of Business Management, Bandung Institute of Technology) and UGM (Gadjah Mada University).

The Corporate Training Solution program has gained trust from various multi-industry companies. Its primary service, the platform management system, is Kuncie's latest offering for companies to efficiently manage training processes and employee progress. This exclusive program can be personalized by selecting and combining Kuncie's programs into a specially redesigned curriculum. Furthermore, Kuncie provides video production services tailored for massive open online courses (MOOCs) used by several companies as employee learning media. Through Corporate Training Solutions, companies can integrate various flagship programs of Kuncie, ranging from collaborations with SBM ITB (Mini MBA in General Management, Data Analytics, and Political Marketing) and UGM (Human Capital Management) to in-house training programs to enhance both hard and soft skills.

As a trusted edutech platform since 2021, Kuncie is committed to continuous innovation in services to achieve its mission of producing more competent professionals in Indonesia. In 2024, Kuncie will focus on integrating its services with Telkomsel's commercial assets, such as Halo+, Ilmupedia, and Indihome. This integration is poised to drive innovative developments contributing to Kuncie's future business growth.

Looking ahead, Kuncie plans to introduce more Kuncie Executive classes in collaboration with various prestigious educational institutions in Indonesia, building on the success of the program last year. Additionally, Kuncie will intensify efforts to expand robust business partnerships with more companies in Indonesia, supporting progress across various industries through enhanced potential and productivity of employees.

Hendra concluded, “Although the edutech industry is expected to face increasingly complex challenges, we believe edutech still holds a bright future, especially when targeting professional segments. Through various strategic steps and our focus in 2024, we are confident in our ability to survive and thrive this year. These innovations are also undertaken to realize inclusive access to education suitable for various layers of society in Indonesia.”

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