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Sociolla Launches Expert Review: Beauty Journey Simplified!

The Launch of Expert Review feature at Sociolla's SOCO Beauty Super App
The Launch of Expert Review feature at Sociolla's SOCO Beauty Super App

Early this week, we supported Sociolla, the leading beauty retailer in Indonesia, in Public Relations activity to launch a new feature on their SOCO Beauty Super App called Expert Review. Partnering with renowned experts like renowned makeup artist Ryan Ogilvy, the incredible medical doctor Claudia Christin MBBS, Ph.D. in Dermatology, the fabulous aesthetic doctor Dr. Abelina Dini Fitria, Dipl. AAAM, MM, MARS, and the expert hair stylist Rey Nathanael, the feature provides direct product reviews written by professionals.

The Expert Review feature addresses the challenges faced by beauty enthusiasts in finding suitable products. Sociolla's internal analysis revealed that customers go through at least 10 steps before making a purchase, including product searches, reading reviews, and comparing prices. By offering reviews straight from the pros, they aim to shed some light on our confusion and put a damper on the overwhelming flood of information that can cloud our judgment.

Chrisanti Indiana, Co-Founder & CMO of Social Bella, explained that Sociolla aims to simplify the customer journey and reduce the risks caused by excessive information. The collaborating experts bring their extensive knowledge and experience to deliver reliable reviews based on diverse product usage.

Users of the SOCO app can access information and comprehensive reviews by visiting https://sociolla.app.link/expert-review. This feature strengthens the app's position as a go-to solution for beauty enthusiasts, helping them overcome challenges and personalize their beauty journey.

Moreover, the Expert Review feature aligns with Sociolla's commitment to a sustainable beauty industry in Indonesia. Through initiatives like Waste Down Beauty Up (WDBU), Sociolla encourages wise purchasing behavior by reading reviews before buying products.

As the leading beauty retailer, Sociolla continuously seeks innovative ways to support customers' beauty journeys. The Expert Review feature acts as a bridge, providing guidance and shortening the exploration process. Sociolla believes it will be a valuable tool for their millions of customers.

So, my fellow beauty enthusiasts, let's embrace this game-changing update and let Sociolla's Expert Review feature lead us to beauty bliss!

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