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Hiro Whardana

Principal Advisor

Hiro has more than 15 years of experience in the digital industry and more than five years in the value-added service industry for mobile telecommunications companies. As a digital media enthusiast, Hiro is proficient in integrated marketing communications campaigns as well as product and business development.

His successful projects include “#GueHematEnergi”, PLN's energy-saving campaign, as well as social media campaigns for Tri Indonesia and Microsoft focusing on small-medium businesses.

Prior to founding CODEinc, Hiro worked for mobile telecommunications service provider Tri Indonesia as part of its product innovation team and as GM of value-added services and user experience. He played an important role in revamping the company’s website and developing BimaTri products. Hiro also co-founded tech media site aplikanologi.com.

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Hiro Whardana

Principal Advisor

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